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Round Ærø

Round Ærø is a hiking route that with its 64 km takes you primarily along the coast all around the island.

The Ø-CAMINO Ærø starts and ends at the ferry in Ærøskøbing with both bus and parking close by. But you can easily start the route elsewhere on the island depending on what suits your traveling.

The route is a challenging two-day trip, which can also be divided into smaller chunks and thus completed over a longer period of time.

Ærø's free bus makes it easy to hop on and off the route.

The route goes through beautiful landscapes and on both gravel and asphalt.

Along the way, you will encounter both accommodation and restaurants, but it will always be a good idea to have a packed lunch with you and to have booked accommodation in advance. See the possibilities here:

How to get started

Download gpx to your own navigation

When on Ærø, you can also pick up a physical map at the local tourist information.

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